Play Golf on a Historical Site
Beechwood was once the scene of musket fire and fighting, June 24th, 1813 to be exact, when British forces surprised the invading American troops in the Battle of Beaverdams. The fierce engagement which lasted three hours, is recorded in American history as the “Battle at the Beech Woods”. The battle was fought in an area that covers from today’s golf course west to the present Welland Canal. Canadian heroine Laura Secord is remembered for her famous walk from St. Davids to DeCew House to warn the British of the impending attack.

Previous to becoming a golf course in 1960, Beechwood was worked as farmland for over 100 years. The “Old Barn”, which provides the unique focal point to our clubhouse, was built in 1883. Originally located where the ninth green presently sits, the barn stood over twelve feet higher before it was moved. Many artifacts associated with the history of the old farm are on display, including a wooden grain shovel, a wool counter, a corn planter and an oxen yoke amongst many other.


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An 18 hole championship course with sprawling hill sides and valleys, winding water ways and scenic forest, Beechwood will test the ardent golfer providing challenges at every turn. You are playing a bit of history when you are playing golf at Beechwood. Canadian heroine, Laura Secord, walked this very land back in 1813 to warn the British about an impending American attack.


Make sure to stop by the Clubhouse, where you will be able to dine and savour the flavours of a locally inspired menu. Meet our master chef, Darryl and our great service team dedicated to providing you with an excellent dining experience.

Beechwood Golf and Country Club offers an elegant setting for any of your events. We are dedicated to creating an unforgettable experience with exceptional cuisine while providing a beautiful scenic view of our championship golf course. Our barn, built in 1883 is an amazing venue for your special wedding day! Weddings packages start at $49.95


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